Dataset One Machine Two

Hidden sexual parts of the truth.

“I know, but I’m sorry about that. I’m a short drive to get to the bathroom does the guys of the boys are to get some clothes and started staying it for a woman. But you can tell them that we have an early movement.”

“Well, see what I should do anything you won’t stop it?” he asked.

“That’s the time,” Erin said, enjoying her warm to cover him and her pussy was pressed to his large bed with a towel.

“Oh, she relax, like that. I think I can get his hands on your hand, your shave and I began to slowly stroke it if you want.” I felt his cock sliding in and out of her breast as she was doing it all over my cock. I started slamming on the back of her head and began to slowly began slowly and then again my shirt and my hands were swallowing all of the base of my shaft as she slumped into her asshole, but she started to slowly slide his cock into her throat. Her ass were sliding all over the top of her head, and her head slowly began to suck and swallow her own pussy. Then she leaned forward and tensed the bedroom and looked at the top of my seat and then pulled it off and said, “Oh God, oh God,” he said as she sucked her face and pull his cock into her pussy.

“Oh God, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, come on the back, I like that. That’s not so much,” Erin said, sitting upright, her tongue and her hips began to suck her pussy. “What are you doing this?” Tom asked.

“I want to turn you to wear any yourself.” I told her and turned and laughed, “I’ll be back if you had to be completely going to be home for any of them to go away in the desk.” Then I lifted her head and settled into the bathroom. “I don’t think I think I could get to the party of the bathroom and then say anything.”

“And I don’t mind, I love you.”

“I wond the boys on the counter,” John said with a frowning and then pulled his cock from her mouth. “I was wearing a nice little secret.”

“No, I can’t believe you anyway.” She started to squeal with his thick cock and her hand weaked her hand and pressed her tongue into her ass. I went back on to her head and began and breasts her gaping power as she continued to eat her mouth and she couldn’t believe what I was afraid of her sexy body in the position and take it a few times in the back of her back. It was amazing as we were trying to be any further hidden sexual parts of the truth. She was becoming softer than the last time I had been a bit of a couple of thoughts and controls and perhaps of sex and son that was a short warm moisture. I started to slide my hand out and ran his hard cock in to my ass. I had to eat her dressing room and strutted to a pair of mind of its area. We were both faith and the strip to the looking couples of the world right now that it was the most bed was starting to figure out the same way. I was still slowly a bit and I were so slowly a year and her parents had on a chair and a thing and she was already dressed in the staircase that my brother was ready for the fridge. We were all all around and again and after she looked at the cum that the action was on their heads of my breasts and area between her legs, and her mouth on her breasts were buried inside to give a slight separate smile on her face.

“It’s okay,” Erin said laughing as he stared at her son. “But I’ve never to do anything about this. I love you and have no idea what you were going to be a problem tonight. I hear you too looking at my cock and stop and he could see her pussy eating her body. There were all the strongest shots of her breasts and legs and wet as she climbed off the edge of the bed. She looked at me and said, “Okay, I will get to see the woman who would think they would never see the afternoon and the way she is very a doced tongue over your shorts.”

“You were to go slow,” Tim said and looked at his massive shorts.

“Oh, yes, I want to know how to tell you something about it,” Erin said, staring at his sister’s open panties. “Well, I don’t have that from the privacy class of your parents and usually will be so long as it easy and this is a bit of a scene in your dad started to ask if I can feel you too.”

“I was playing with your hot little cock,” Kelly said. “It’s all right now,” she said, responding and laughing. “I was playing with my son’s body and I want you to eat you and have a good sister until the girl was in my arm. As we all began stroking myself and then pushed my hand out and give me the button and she dropped to her knees in front of her and turned and began sucking it and thrust into her body, then stopped sucking on his cock, and then started sucking on her nipples. She squeezed her hand and said, “You sure you were in a chair and I would get me to get this real life, I thought about the way she had thought of anything like that when I was about to get the girls and I should be out of the afternoon. I didn’t think I would have been to tease them and they were all the fact that they were fucking to start to fuck her soon. I really wanted to look at me and she stepped into the car. “And I don’t cheat on the counter.”

“No, I want to try it, but I don’t want to that way. Okay. I’ll get it on your back and then is a couple of seconds so I’ve ever seen a lot more than a second.” I smiled and said, “I saw you about that.”

“I don’t know what he wants to try date not?” he asked her saying.

“Well, I can’t wait to tease you then?” I asked her of the three of us.

“Sure, why don’t you tell me you want to do it?” I asked.

“I think she’ll go for the first time, John,” John said, slowly fucking her ass. “I really don’t want to be concerned about that. I was a little starting to realize it. I was thinking of the feeling of my brother. It would be a little boy to have a sister in case at all.”

  • Epoch: 5.79
  • Loss: 1.0550
  • RNN Size: 500
  • Temperature: 0.5

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  • Words: ~1185
  • Sentences: ~68
  • Gunning-Fog Index: 7.746959543311
  • Flesch-Kincaid Index: 5.4559437825763
  • Flesch: 86.984600707372

The Gunning-Fog and Flesch-Kincaid indicies attempt to measure the number of years of education a reader would have to complete in order to be able to understand the content (The displayed value is roughly equivalent to US grade level, spanning into collegiate levels). Flesch is a 0 to 100 scale where 100 is the most "readable."