Dataset Four Machine Two

Masher of my semen.

I pulled my coat on to her belly, and my fingers against my prick stiff. — “Oho — I shall be a fool — I’ve heard the ladies on — I’ve been a shove.” — “I haven’t made you take me to fucking me.” — “I will never stop all night.” — “Oh, I won’t go and get away, — oh ! don’t, — oh ! it will be a change, — it’s not stiff — I won’t let you hear you, what a lot of mine has the money to expose the others.” — “I won’t.” — “I didn’t seem to like feeling her cunt before her cunt when I got a shove of my prick — a heave of pleasure with the two women at times — and she has fucked her again — what delight I have told, not seeing them for the first time in the way I had a child — and have not to speak to me that she is like a piece of fucking as they could have heard. — “Well you didn’t tell me your husband do it again,” and I put my hand down to her belly, and a second pleasure of seeing the girl with her face till she spent.
Then I fancying that I had not the slightest whims and every now and then I told her that I had never seen her cunt and every thing about her. — I felt annoyed at the sight, and she was short. — She was getting masher of my semen, and she was shortish. — “What’s the matter, and I’ll give you a shilling to fuck me — I’ve been fucked,” said she, and then looking at her cunt and put his hand down slightly and then to a small violent letch. — “Oh! Charley — let us dearest it.” — “No, — I can’t.” — “What a fine woman you didn’t?” — “Yes, I have not been fucked, and he’s past fucking if I can’t hear what you meant.” — “Yes.” — “I won’t.” — “Then you were a bad cough — fuck me.” — “Ah! you shall tell you so.” — “I won’t, — I was at the first to leave off, — I won’t tell the poor girls to tell me.” — “I’ve not spent in a second.” — Then I was silent. — I showed it to her and began to show her and my prick stiff again. — “I can’t, — I won’t.” — “I have done so.”
I did not like her sister’s cunt. — “Oh, what a lovely place,” said I pleasure. “Ah! he will go and see the place and let me do it again.” — “Don’t — I won’t.” — “Yes,” she said dark nightly, and stood looking at me — “She’s a fine woman, — many men are a little fucking will be after me.” — “I’m sure you would not let him fuck you.” — “Why don’t you be a gay woman?” — “I’ve not seen them again.” — She pulled off her clothes and looked at my prick. — “Oh, don’t you get her to let me if you don’t tell me all that you shall fuck you.” — “I won’t, — I can’t, — I must go.” — “I don’t want her, and then I am sure.” — “I didn’t mean to prevent me to do it again.” — “You won’t.” — “I won’t.” “He’s a good wife, — I won’t stop if you want it.” — “No, — no, — no, — I shall have a shilling to fuck you, — I’ve seen her again.” — “No, I am going to be so that I have not washed so, — I am so frightened so — I really must go and see her again when I got to let me feel it again. — Oh! let her see higher — I won’t.” — “You don’t like it so.” — “I have not — it’s not in the bed-room.” — I was in a hurry to fuck. — “You like you, and not doing it.” — “I shall be in the family way.” — “How old the girl will go till you like, we shall be coming.” — “You wanted to fuck you.” — “No, I am all right.” — “Fetch one, — I won’t, — I won’t.” — “Oh! — I can’t.” “Oh! I must go to the town.” — “Yes,” she sighed again. “Oh! my God if you don’t forget him — wait till you can’t see her cunt, and have no man before he has seen it out — who was it and then you must be cooking?” — “Nothing, I must go to bed together.” — She was still up her, and when I got up she lay between her legs and put it in the street, and opening her legs as if she wanted to feel it. — “What are you staring at me for?” — “Yes, I have not been fucked for a few seconds, you shall have it a bit.” — “I won’t.” — “She was on the bed with a shove”, said she to her and felt his prick. — “I won’t go and see.” — “No, — I dare not.” — “I don’t want anything about this year.” — “You won’t.” “No, I like it now.” — “No.” — “That you know that with your cunt again?” — “No, — I feel sure that she is sure of my sperm.” — “No.” — “You wanted it again — there then.” — “No, no, I can’t.” — “Yes.” — “What a fine woman in the parlour, when you are not going to be feeling your cunt.” — “I won’t, — I’m spending in my mouth — I was doing it and let me get up, — don’t be a fool, — well I will stop out then.”
— “There then”. — “Yes,” and I would not let me fuck her — and she could not get her to sleep with her. “Oh! come and let you feel your cunt, love, my love.” — “I will again.” “I shan’t.” — “Yes, I want it again.” She his rigid prick showed itself as if she were the most change of her cunt. — “What did you come out to piss badly? — I have seen your cunt again that you won’t.” — “Well you won’t — I can’t stiffen.” — “What are you coming?” — “Yes, you didn’t.” — “What?” “Oh, you don’t mind feeling me there, — oh! — oh ! if you are quiet again then.”
I took off his back, she gave me a slap on me still. “Oh! my God I’ll give you ten shillings.”
A week or two we had been standing and found my tongue went back to the bed and go to the back room and stood up. She was a little unhappy way to the farm-yard, and found her I had missed me to see her again. Then I saw her I did not like her to see me then. She said she was frightened. — “Here is a poor girl — we are not perhaps.” — “Let me fuck you, and I’ll give you money.” — “No, I must get up and see if you were a right and lovely wife.” — “I’ll give you money.” — “What’s the matter, can’t help it?” — “Yes, I don’t want, and she’ll see him down.” — “I won’t.” — “I’m dying for you,” — she sighed again to the privy.

  • Epoch: 5.52
  • Loss: 1.0620
  • RNN Size: 500
  • Init From: 3.68 (epoch), 1.0578 (loss)
  • Temperature: 0.5

Readability Stats

  • Words: ~1133
  • Sentences: ~124
  • Gunning-Fog Index: 4.1137972268884
  • Flesch-Kincaid Index: 1.3252770976283
  • Flesch: 101.83516274948

The Gunning-Fog and Flesch-Kincaid indicies attempt to measure the number of years of education a reader would have to complete in order to be able to understand the content (The displayed value is roughly equivalent to US grade level, spanning into collegiate levels). Flesch is a 0 to 100 scale where 100 is the most "readable."