Dataset Five Machine One

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  • Epoch: 12.40
  • Loss: 1.0881
  • RNN Size: 512
  • Dropout: 0.5
  • Layers: 2
  • Temperature: 0.8

Readability Stats

  • Words: ~1753
  • Sentences: ~82
  • Gunning-Fog Index: 9.7149388504724
  • Flesch-Kincaid Index: 7.1726529433863
  • Flesch: 81.714831543139

The Gunning-Fog and Flesch-Kincaid indicies attempt to measure the number of years of education a reader would have to complete in order to be able to understand the content (The displayed value is roughly equivalent to US grade level, spanning into collegiate levels). Flesch is a 0 to 100 scale where 100 is the most "readable."