Dataset Friends Machine Two

I want to make sex of your cousin.

“Oh yeah, for you and we crasped off my tongue on the bed.”

Rachel smiled at his body to her lips. She smiled as she laughed in her hand. She knew he came to her eyes. She went forward and down her knees. “You get a little commont, this was so good… you want your hips to more… I don’t want me to do the way for your later and more a little and she was doing that cum… oh god, and you want to do the one of the couch. I want to cum on your mouth.”

“Oh, long I can you fuck me.”

“I want to make sex of your cousin, but one more you like that it so close, when you had to make him to go the are with your pleasure to my cock, luttly and do it would be want to be the I was the soft could sex where you know that we like that before so that would show me and I can too,” he asked going to her fingers to the sexy desperate to the soft friend to her as he was so he was so not a both cousin was before she found her up. She could see her and down to her hot face to her face. He knew that they looked at the could was to be any the for her breast and the moan of her pussy. For it was so good, as she stood as she reached over and she was a little tongue closer, he could have the couch slightly closer in the door. “I want you to do that you take your tentable and she saw you too,” she whispered, back to the floor of her lips and couldn’t to have a waistles. She moved her face as he could have still open and she was all the bed. He knew that she was giving her the tense was between his lips down and then they began saw that he had been before closed as she was so so good. She flicked her body as he pulled out of her clit, “I can to do that what you want me something of it was so had close. So it was and it and so much one of your finger went to the coan. I know you can to me, Mon, I can should be a good and the same more of you can to make me to lick it.”

“That’s the thing that from something to see the stockings on the first and all the look of drink as Monica pulled out of his mouth.

“Just take you a little best for a few and come in my fingers to her whisper,” she said with Monica’s bra of the side of her mouth, the start pushed as he tried to move her fingers and cheek and reached into her clit. “And you want?”

“Oh, Chandler, Chandler, Chandler… and I got it with me.”

It was a little saw that he could have so reach the soft sexy around her up and down her clit as the bed of her mouth.

“I want to tried to do that you want me to be cum… you want to start to be the soft shoulders and easily.”

“You don’t think you take me to cum in and she was so good that that was a four of me… I tauk you to go to do that some hand of feeling me and the moan of the cum.”

“You want it… what too want to cum… it was a short to want me all of the couch… mmmm… mmm… that was so don’t push on the damm.”

“You want to be for that were and she wanted to do it. Well what you want to do that more was so like that was one of you.”

Rachel pulled out of his second to much as she smiled and deeper in a gentle ass, she was tried back up her lips. He felt his cock on the bed, and started to her tongue and close to her friend. The thing she was starting and for him, he could be for a moment. He was been she was the start to give him so dirty fucking to the couch. He was so decided. She grabbed his shelled and slowly slid it to his cock in her fingers and pulled her clit.

“Oh you want to feel me a too. She say me.”

“What on the bed. I let you want you want a lot of your cousin was all. I want to didn’t want to come off the back in stranger in me.”

“Mmmmm… do you want to do it, that was a little something expection.”

Ross took her shoulders and gently went to the clothes of her face.

Rachel replied a little stratted and until he was closed and she was before the woman and pleasure her friend, and quickly had to continued from the bed and had from her clit into her clit, so he was closed and slightly, she was the stups of her walls and he caught his hands on her hand and stroked her hot tongue and slid his deep and both started to so control her hips and almost while all the black could had expecting her tongue and she caught on his bare.

“I want to lick you, I want to fuck your doing to the hand between the side.

Monica pushed the langer of his cock and rested his cock and pulled her eyes and removed him with a control of her eyes, and she was reaching his cock and her hand on the back of his vardy breasts and caressed her butt. He could be looking between her lips as she closed her lips.

“No, it was imagine that was the more mad you think leave it.”

“Okay, Monica, this was a start and they were about that the good too, what you see you want to make the time that you get her body, Joey was all over you, I want to much the party of the leart I want to get to the sex with your mouth and like that you can a lot of my dick on your mind. I want to go her shoulders, really for your in me. I want you to cum on your mouth. You can this was a later before… and he wanted to came you want to do this. I think you want to do that a sight sight.

“You think I’m gonna cum, you want me between your breasts.”

Rachel was facing her fingers to really let his ear. She slid her clit, dropping her lips and tried to continued were since the back of her slowly. He felt her breast and she loved the despors to her wife with his cock.

“Oh god, you want to me.”

“Oh for you and make your fucking in my face,” he said, “Oh, Ross, oh god, Monica, not you can me to be a sexy to fuck me.”

Rachel slowly wanted on his chest, and from her tongue to the same lips and allowed her start on his shaft from her lips. He reached the hard mouth of Rachel’s the cock down and pulled her body to stroke her tongue in his long back.

“Oh god, I stopped to the simplier of the sudding.”

“Oh, yes, Chandler… well, Chandler, he could be do it. I don’t do it was how so much on the door to get me in the come of her?”

“I think you don’t want me on a man who was for Joey?” she tried to see her fingers in his own gaze to himself as she opened her hand and groaned. “I want to cum… make me to do your dick to start to go want to for the bed.”

Ross smiled at him. His lips closed her fingers to her tongue and pushed her head on her back.

  • Epoch: 3.83
  • Loss: 1.1545
  • RNN Size: 300
  • Dropout: 0.4
  • Layers: 3
  • Temperature: 0.5

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  • Sentences: ~116
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  • Flesch-Kincaid Index: 2.3834874724599
  • Flesch: 98.641155274889

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