Dataset Friends Machine One

Oh yeah, suck it, Chandler?

“I love you too, I want to leave the bed and keep the hot.”

“Oh, yeah, Chandler, so the shower?” he said as she struggled to get her over the passion.

“Yeah, Mon, I’m gonna cum… I don’t want to fuck you to go and lick the bed. I just know you stopped to feel them.”

“Oh, Chandler… I want you to touch your sexual stong to me.”

Monica stood up and caressed her bedroom, licking her head. Her eyes looked at her, there was harder than she wasn’t the only thing that would be with her as she knew the sisters was all the beautiful body that he had sex to help her hand, and the point of sexy mouth was with her breasts. He had sex had the way the ache of her body didn’t go off her body. He took her eyebrows and her body was too moved on to the couch, and slid his hand and stood and could feel her tongue and her breasts.

“I don’t know, I’m gonna cum, you have a wet stroke and I think it’s not the distender and satin of the couch and a while, and I wanted to do this for you, and she is a faster, what to this try to say it to the side of the soft wine of the door, and I had a staring of the bed.”

“That’s not being sex and showed that, you said that we got a sounds of me too… I want to do that,” she said with a sexy ginger sliding back and growly stroked him, she was so this was the dirty words and long in the same inch of his cock. She reached up and smiled at him and she stood and grabbed Monica’s cheek and she looked at him and sat on her as he was close, leaving him and she was speaking, Monica smiled at him as he could touch him. Her friend could be both the brown erotic thing and he should be like that and did this, and she had to climb with the touch of the man’s pussy as she watched him harder.

“Hey, Chandler,” she said softly, he pulled out of her, he was trying to feel one of his shoulder to her mouth as she was completely placed to the side of her hands and licked her body, her body sliding down her hands and licked the feeling of his dress.

“Oh yeah, suck it, Chandler?”

Monica reached down and pulled her hand on her thighs and stroked him and sat back and traced his hands around her lips. Her eyes were stroking her clit and stroked him, her tight hair as her legs reached up and she groaned as he pushed the tip of her legs and slid it on the couch, and she shook his head at the stool, and she groaned as she continued to straddle her and he could be long as he reached the bottom of her shoulders and he started to show him a wife as he leaned in and stood up and kissed her as she didn’t know what it was firm and fad in the ear he was barely in the real. She was so wet to her erect of her hot for a smooth satin counter, she reached in and shaked her clit.

“Uh huh… uh, yeah,” she sighed with a smile, “That’s the one you’re too good,” Monica said, with a look. She leaned in and still seemed to have a silk of beautiful stomach on the floor. He could see her beautiful large shaft of her clit and licking it as he started to ran the side of her fingers and kissed her as he retrieved his feet.

“Oh, you want to see you move to you.”

“Wow, I could be for me before… I want to do this to you like that and the bedroom. I have in me.”

Rachel was already to stop even the disappointment she was accessing the desperate of his little sister should have sex with her sister take off the couch and used to the bottom of her lips and straight as she watched him with his fingers as she could tell her was with his finger since they wanted to get him in from his way. He was too mouthous and hard words and some conimation. He was sucking in the fabric and brought her body and her hands growing out of her brother’s hand. Her head decided to explode in his chest, the words slowly began to back and forth to her back.

“Oh god, yes, come on her and you likes to get her to want to think I’m gonna stop… I want to cum… I can’t have to make you work at for me,” Rachel said, as she stood and asked momentarily, “What’s this,” he commented, “I can’t see you…”

Her panties faced and slowly rested her head up to smile.

“I think I promase I want to say you can find out of you.” Monica said in her partner’s body.

“You should be the one was so good… that’s it… that’s not anyone your tongue… that was all this.”

Chandler said seductively, “I love you too, and you just forget that the discunted of them.”

“Well, you played out with me and my things,” she said as she watched her skin with his thighs. She took her hand and sat back on the door.

“Oh, Monica.”

“Oh yeah, Mon,” he said.

“Monica, I want you to fuck me, Chandler. I want to see you are you the orgasm too,” she said, trying to touch him and the start of his fingers inside her legs.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he said, still landing and she smiled at her, the garment growing again, and she was so hard and more of him in her lips.

“I don’t can need to do it,” she said, “I wanted to make you kiss you wet,” he said with breath.

“Oh yeah, Chandler,” she said with a smile and slowly watching her tongue. Her hands were surprised to herself.

“Yeah, I’m gonna cum… I want to see it your body and into your face… I can’t believe how the feel of the other was so with one little body… and then I tightened there. I love you too.”

“Well, I have a moment before.”

“Yeah, I can’t keep it to think that fuck he had to cum on the bed,” Rachel said, before coming with her hands and she looked down at her nerves. He began to close to her back, and stroked him.

like a firm or and get the bed and she was straightened to all the way back to the sink of her breasts and brother to her place, he was still smiling and soft heaving through his cock. “You can be a good at the little moan, I want to start to have to have some more than you know what something, you got to come to bed… it’s so close, you have to come down and really was here,” she said in a slightly slightly handed short was going to have some passionate hand. Her eyes were became so many wife with his hand continued to try the sensation and he rested the couch and she was never showed a bit of her cousin’s back. He leaned in and pulled her slowly, she decided to have to have a woman and he was the end of the condom of the pronast of the tip of her face. He shook her head. “So, what do you want to imagine this time and you like that as I get me to touch me… you want to poop of my body… I want to do that, but it’s not wanting to do what you want to suck your breasts,” he said, still so soft, he began to rub his shoulder and slowly pushed his hands on his cock.

“Uh huh… oh god, yes… Monica,” she said, staring at his shaft and kissed her voice, and was feeling of her body to caress her tongue.

“Hmmm… yeah, that’s an and the one who meant that you do, bitch. I don’t know,” Monica added, “I am going to do it.”

Chandler took her thighs and shivered as he kissed her back, then slid his cock into her tongue and watching his smile and her breasts had been there with her bangs.

“Oh god, yes… uh, oh, Mon,” she whispered. He didn’t love it to come to the head of her place and she could be that he was so naked words. Her fingers slowly was again to her nipples.

“Well, I’ve been thinking, I’m sorry,” she said with a four arm around his lips. Her fingers rested on the side of the floor, and he thrust his hand against her ass.

  • Epoch: 40.23
  • Loss: 1.0301
  • RNN Size: 256
  • Dropout: 0.5
  • Layers: 2
  • Temperature: 0.5 [?]

Readability Stats

  • Words: ~1494
  • Sentences: ~132
  • Gunning-Fog Index: 5.6517707192406
  • Flesch-Kincaid Index: 2.9066879639771
  • Flesch: 94.381985213582

The Gunning-Fog and Flesch-Kincaid indicies attempt to measure the number of years of education a reader would have to complete in order to be able to understand the content (The displayed value is roughly equivalent to US grade level, spanning into collegiate levels). Flesch is a 0 to 100 scale where 100 is the most "readable."