Dataset Friends Machine Two

The balls of sensations.

But now that was a good thing for a sexy woman and Rachel more than the moans that the straps of his dick was thrown on the bed. Rachel smiled and walked away from her hands and her hands were in her hands. He reached up and started to collect her pussy, she could feel her hands pulled out and she was so hard to the hard cock and her rapid lips. Her mouth was showing his hands on her hands. As he stood as he stood up and felt his hands to her fingers and her nipples looking over and holding the side of her body. He slid her head back into her face, the thin hand and her fingers slid against Monica’s clit and then and she stood there and then her hands on her thighs and hands and smile and she was wearing a look of clit, and he slowly caressed her back and fingers across her body. She stared at him. “That’s all this and I see your pussy to her tongue.”

Monica began stroking his hands and sucked herself. “I want you to cum on my lips… I want you to cum… your little sister… mmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmMMM… OHHHH… yes… mmm… oh god, he was in a move… and I want to do this for you.”

“Oh yeah, that’s this for you, Rachel?”

“Yeah, oh god, Monica,” she said in a small woman and the whimper stretched back and forth, with a look of hard shoulder, and the feeling of the counter and panting hard and smile.

“Oh, I’m so close… here… oh yes… for me…”

Phoebe groaned as he stroked her clit and he finally shook his hands on his shaft.

“Oh yeah,” she said stroking her hard wet, she had the top of her pussy between her legs. She was seeming in the same time, he had started to make a saw that he was breaking her friends and heard the table to her sounds and she was so close.

“Yeah, I want to be so so good.”

“I want you to take her and you want me to do this and did… I don’t want to do that to you too… and then… and I wanted to do it. I love you too.”

“Oh god, Chandler… mmmm… mmmm…”

“Oh god, yes, Chandler,” she moaned, as he stood up and moved his hands and walked into her ass.

“Oh god, I want to say it to me, Joey.”

“So that was amazing,” he said, staring at him as she pushed her body to her head. “Well, and I know?” he said as he pulled his hands through her stomach. “What do you want to do it?”

“I know you want me to cum on her body. I want to do this and it was a way.”

“Oh yeah, don’t you think you want it that would be in the wet pussy.”

She wanted to see her beautiful body reaching against his hand, and she was still straight, which was leaving her to look and the head of her body. They could be so much his head with a deeper than the woman asked.

“Fuck me, Chandler… so some more than you can have this.”

“She think that they had in my pussy… I want you to do it… well… that was all this.”

“Oh god, Chandler, I want you to start the fabric of the side of the straps of that in the hair of here.”

“I don’t know what we have a little getting a see.”

He stood there, and she smiled at him with her eyes. “I love you too much and I was the same time I know you want to do it for you,” she said, as she resumed before she slowly stood up and down her panties.

“Well, I don’t know what she was doing anything. I want to do it.”

“I want to be the before you’re just a thing any now?”

Rachel sighed again, “I don’t know what I want you to tell you that you can like that.”

“Yeah, I don’t know, do you want me to cum for me?”

“Yes… yes… mmmm… yeah… I mean… “I want to do this and he don’t want to feel your body… you can like that…”

Ross was getting the pressure of her hands on her husband. She saw his cock with her tongue and settled the place. Her fingers were not winking and she was getting her excitement before she had no idea in her mouth.

“I know what would be all this.”

Monica and Rachel stood and slowly licked his lips and climbed off the pall of his hands and brought her head back into her. He started fucking her fingers through her thighs and ass. He groaned as he broke the lips as he shaked against her body.

“She wanted to do it on the bed. I want to say it, Monica.”

“Yeah, I think she wants to do it again… well, that is the next little beautiful girlfriend… with me… I’m so not just that too… the pursing little bitch.”

“Why don’t you think it’s a good sucking of it.”

“I want to do it for me to take her and I was the beautiful woman the top all over your clit. I’m gonna cum,” she said as she kissed her. He leaned in and she was a long stop the tension of his sister’s mouth for a moment to watch his stockings. She stood up, and she was still he caressing her chest. She stood up and began slowly began to kiss her best friend. She was slowly pulling her to face her friend.

“That’s that little bitches… that was a little line in me… how good I can’t have to go in her hands… I don’t know, I want you to do it.”

“I want you to do… I want to touch her… really especially as he sat in my mouth… hard… do it… you could be so good… oh god, I didn’t want to do it… please cum… mmm… lick me, Chandler… I want you to find out the same time we can came to you and the first time… so much… oh yeah… please…”

He took the shape of her spurts and slid the door slightly and pulled out a short smile, and he reached up and kissed her and smiled at him to touch her as she smiled at her.

“You just a couple time.”

“Um, sorry,” she whispered, he was paused to get them on the couch and reached up and started to have sex with her bedroom. “I want you to cum on my hands.”

“What do you want me to do it?” she said as she sat up and pulled the slow breath of her wide with his body.

“Oh god, yes,” she cried out and began to show her fingers to her clit.

“Oh, I want you to do it for me.”

“Yeah, I think that was amazing your body,” she said in the balls of sensations, “I want to think you want her for you.”

“Oh god, yes, fuck me, Chandler,” she closed her eyes.

“Yeah, that was arazed in my lips.”

“Oh, yeah,” Monica said, held his body to straighten black slightly and smiled.

“You know what you want it to take them off.”

“You don’t know what me will be beautiful the one I think you know,” he said with her hips.

“Yeah, I want you to be so good,” he said, “I can’t come over the coffee table.”

“I want to be pretty hard to go anything. This is she wanting to do it off your breasts, I want to do it.”

“I want you to make it out of you too.”

“Oh god, Chandler,” she from his tongue and walked over to his cock.

  • Epoch: 22.99
  • Loss: 1.0043
  • RNN Size: 300
  • Dropout: 0.4
  • Layers: 3
  • Temperature: 0.4

Readability Stats

  • Words: ~1319
  • Sentences: ~231
  • Gunning-Fog Index: 3.0118067931563
  • Flesch-Kincaid Index: 0.31557909868752
  • Flesch: 102.970099019

The Gunning-Fog and Flesch-Kincaid indicies attempt to measure the number of years of education a reader would have to complete in order to be able to understand the content (The displayed value is roughly equivalent to US grade level, spanning into collegiate levels). Flesch is a 0 to 100 scale where 100 is the most "readable."