Dataset Friends Machine Two

Grust for that.

She began giving the room down. But he wanted to delice to her mouth. He used her hips in her legs. Chandler was hearing onta tight that he wanted him to do, he heard sexual places of licking. He pulled herself back to her clit.

“That’s it… ohhhh, like that,” she said as she slid his thigh. “But I like this to you, Monica? Oh God, yes, Chandler,” Rachel said his body, pushing her hips back on her cheek.

Then she sucked her clit. “I should think I’m just a minute, he started to just even touch my breasts.”

He kissed him again and ran his hands up her hips. Rachel sat up and his pussy slowly sliding her cock down behind him. His orgasm completely roke a small of his beautiful feet.

She slowly pulled down her shoulders, and then back into her husband, and her hands traveled over her clit and a little kiss, “Don’t know. What do I bat between your legs.”

As he kissed her breast, “That later any moment di turn on to her stomach.”

Rachel worked her fingers into her body. He would start so sexy and tingling, and even more his hands and took the again, her shoulders still pulling out a bit shouldering slightly, she cried out she teased her.

“Um… suck me…”

Rachel felt the skin. Rachel’s corceliring hands ran towards him. Her eyes were rolling against her face, she paused.

Chandler laughed, “I’m so good! I’m so wet, it’s not to get me and the best good?”

“That’s it… mmmmmmmm… mmmmmmmmmmMMM… MMMM… MMMMMMmmm… ohhhh… uhhhh… yeah… yeah…”

“Hell, yes too,” Rachel said, then his hands under the rapidly voice.

He leaned to the vibrator to her ankle how much she was doing, he was already hearting it with disappointment as she had formed away. She leaned in and followed her. He tightened around her head, trying to be the gentle was him.

“Do you cum,” she said, feeling finally with soft skin.

“Oh god, Rachel, I love you too.”

“Oh my god,” she moaned.

“Thank you,” she added, as she pounded his face softly and she took him a dream, taking hard, and her spark roaming small bleck movie slid his cock against his shaft. “Hell, I over you.”

“I want to feel my mouth kissing me to go by the too.”

He felt her body pounding off his neck. Her wetness around his sensitive folds in the quickent blind back and legs.

“Chandler, I’d get him to go at the button of your cousin.” They had the excitement of his friends to just watch Monica from her beautiful body, and closed his cock against the couch, grabbing her swollen lips, and he said, “You know… and I stop dirty… as I love this… I just shouldn’t be having something that this is so good,” he moaned. “There’s because your adjust been trying to clear anything like just for your tongue.”

“What?” Monica teased position, “Oh, Ross,” Monica said with a little little little presence for the shoulders and took her body and pushed her persence. “Do it in my face… all this well, and Monica was hearing out a few moments… so time… a lot of cum worked it… Oh Rach!” She slowly slowly come closer to his knees. Rachel had grinned at her to the bottom of Monica’s butt. “It’s not going to like a blowjob for you in her sexy pussy,” he complained.

“You’re not forcefully all the woman.”

“That’s okay… come on what?”

“Yes…” she panted, “All right, I had some things we put down there!”

“Yes, Chandler… I just see Monica one, Rachel.”

She stared at him, “I’m going to do this with your tight shirt, but ya know that I’m going to see her right now!”

“Well, I’m so close,” Monica stood up.

“She has to do that,” Phoebe whispered. “Do you want me to make it in my pussy… push the upper words.”

“You like this,” he asked.

“Well, you didn’t think you want it.”

Monica groaned slowly. “I’ve been faces anything anything and huh?”

Rachel would have screamed more air.

“You know that you want my lips back to you and I kiss you?”

“Well, like you don’t told you with you?”

Her roommate slid behind him on the back of her erbrest.

“Mmmm,” he said excitedly.

“I think that you can’t believe you can on the woman. I love you, Rach?” she asked, slowly rubbing her head in his thigh. He caressed her body, wearing him and he slowly unzipped her body. He shook his underwear over her head and stood up towards her, she grunted against the slowly pussy all the chair.

“Oh, do you want to see that while a bit faster and like I was there,” Rachel upsered her lips.

He had been kissing the meaning shape of her body to the silk, teasing her turn of because Monica took Chandler like this.

“Grust for that,” Monica spented.

“For me, fuck a intide,” he told him, Chandler started to show her legs as she released her hands and boxers over and over. They saw his dreams deeper into herself.

“I want to think that we move your soul, and I just look at her.”

Ross saw Monica’s fingers over Rachel’s cinch of his mouth. With her knees. She began to control her. She wanted her and she was his only further and her body grew in it’s weak and began with him. He stood up and began to crud her, pressing her head a bit to disappoint, and Monica’s intense and her slim stroke. She was undressing her own ass.

“I didn’t know it was no panties on the wall, he told you for me, Rachel. Or we could be one of that I started to wear me. That would be aroused. Monica sipped a little pussy half to reduce her groan? “”

“Just and you were going,” Monica replied, “oh, Rach.”

“He’s starting to stop her neck?” she protested.

“Deeper, harder,” Monica whispered.

“Oh god, fuck me for you,” Monica blushed again, deeply. Her fingers slipped off her body. Rachel immediately felt Monica smile and boxers against her side of her lips. “Come on!”

As she little ran on her legs and pushed her head across her long thin neck-and she wanted him.

The slow trail of hair dropped back, he fucked her body and grabbed the saliva and he began to ran the couch. He began to shower his hands against her knees and Phoebe’s tight clit, and Monica’s hand glanced up at her, he stroked himself against him as she looked at him. “Lie the little sultry you really so close, so what’s being damned!” Monica added and she could be gripping her lips. “Suck your panties,” he smiled and got up and took her breasts. She continued desperate for Chandler to wink, “What do you want to do this?”

Rachel stood and down her long shoulders, and the side of her shoulders out of the shirt, her body smiled against his neck.

  • Epoch: 22.99
  • Loss: 1.0043
  • RNN Size: 300
  • Dropout: 0.4
  • Layers: 3
  • Temperature: 0.77

Readability Stats

  • Words: ~1184
  • Sentences: ~171
  • Gunning-Fog Index: 4.7290501027343
  • Flesch-Kincaid Index: 2.4682900663822
  • Flesch: 89.698548877825

The Gunning-Fog and Flesch-Kincaid indicies attempt to measure the number of years of education a reader would have to complete in order to be able to understand the content (The displayed value is roughly equivalent to US grade level, spanning into collegiate levels). Flesch is a 0 to 100 scale where 100 is the most "readable."