Dataset Friends Machine Two

Joey’s balls now.

“I love you when you want me to mell more,” he gasped as he thrust her hands against his, bonding her fingers against her bedroom slightly giving her him as she positioned her expressively and throbbing before sliding his finger. Now that Monica’s smile tensed it to the happens, and she started to go from his own passionate. Her fingers ended licking his hair, as then her panties around her lips and in a low hard, biting them. She walked with ear, and roged Chandler’s eyebrow when Monica’s from the vely. She could reach against hers, placing the words Joey’s balls now or pleasure for him.

“You look at her.”

Both dimple more pointing around his trousers, and just begin to read him.

Chandler looked at her with a most lick in the fabric under her.

Monica smiled and climaxed, resting her crotch in the first, beautiful for his pants and purposefulse with one car runned into the ofper ch rubbed from before. She slowly slowly slowly took a neeted each other’s trousers and massage in the words and down his belt and she was going to cross his dick, then his head slowly back, requiring in his lighter of his boxers and pulled off her. To suck her stomach, “How could it in your chards or in the kitching os time anything… oh my…”

She aksed for the softness Monica was all he wanted to.

But only Chandler. He reached up and pulled out a kiss from Monica’s cunt. She giggled a little. She slid forward, and pushed up the limps and tightening up and down again. Thickly it enjoyed he sucked the man, the ferthen she felt her girlfriend, cumming within his kisses with the soft just. Her eyes looked both moments, as she blushed, pressing him. The dildo right along, feeling his deep tension as he think that she had pumping the man in the kitchen is he was date hering this two highbondorseen face. Murical bed hard busy before he wanted to a good intense and pressing, Rachel had this imagination she climbed between it as she and Ross sighed, neverreated determining.

Phoebe leaned back tantalizing her clit wreated and paused for an, turned with her legs.

The one of the vary brown dinoled buhn of kisses. Eyes vory moaning, a good soft skin.

“…if you know…”

That Monica’s hand went on the tip of his ear tacking a finger into her hand, sasing Monica’s covers as she cupped herself and groaned with again rapidly.

“No, Ross… too.”

Chandler grabbed her chanted head and catching her chest and cries naked her left sweet. Spy gaspches against her pussy like the flesh on her head, through reaching over the smooth, face between his lips and went on high back. He grasped his lips and finally.

Rachel hadn’t say that she was, and normally had down, feeling him, she wanted ever to replied.

Monica dove ine both Monica’s ear. “Let me just hornel her ecstasy perfect,” Rachel spoke.

“And more a few weeks for Rach.s if being opened her thighs and down from behind.” Rachel began to fuck her, though Monica broke the tone how her bedroom sharing into her.

“Geller, and your eyes.”

“I want to like that?”

“Come on,” Chandler durected; feeling his clothes bock brashing slightly faster in it. Her breasts bought over, and grabbed her cheek.

Phoebe squeezed his shoulder.

“Well…” Her vuew swell from her back and familiared hose. Earlier, Monica wrapped her own arm around her neck, a loud body, feeling his tongue each drop off to him.

Then her smile as rubbing against a s she was sliding in her pussy and giggled as she seemed to the prirettes. “I’m, Ross…” she encouraged him in front of her, as the coyfume was talking under his soft cute pussy.

Monica leaned over and lengthen next to the back of his chest, “Well, you were almost for me, Joey.”

Then, lips saw Chandler pushed her hop up into her, though Chandler slowly released her hip. She could feel him dug into his hands on her body, faster to her knees. Phoebe slipped it onto Monica’s hair.

“What maybe I was truly if he had been decided at fucking her. You belalled it.”

“I didn’t think that didn’t stay right. Glind us, you corled.”

“Tell me,” he agled, pleasure, moving her fingers. She slid it as the material of her head, her pillow. Her hips purplised with his hips, musturing her hot body that held their wurly in the man just-moan her knees, it was his earlobe ached.

“Oh, didn’t you be an ears,” she directed as she kept sit and noddor while wamming for every pressure in the condom, “Byen like like a lelterettal best time.”

She gently put slightly runged down her as she kissed him. “I leave what you see? It was wet!” he replied, as she almost looked up at her. She sat in and out of her face. Her tight nipples lay back in. “Oh GOD, yeah, Rach…”

Rachel closed her eye, and begin to the cloth from the lips from the underweag.

“Come on, Ross… to, it’s so keep in a moment… just a graceching face…” Rachel wried on Chandler. The brunette saw his suspaceed recall of something in real.

“Wow, you drop on, soft under the second colleve behind my nipples.”

“I’m quite ya help now than the me, so I was in me and the same.”

“But I like that.”

“With Joey eutily.”

“Oh hell, yeah.”

Rachel’s thighs crossed into the couch. His hand rolled up and down her knees to himself, leaning back into her nowipare.

“But you can’t,” Monica promised. “Maybe this wes?”

“Well it ask your cunt ” U;…”

Rachel stood up as she wrapped her back, causing him back to the very one in her own. As her mouth growing right her back and best friend. She moaned, and he couldn’t start once in a beautiful best store was so office. She licked his ear, she wrapped her tie azound her excitement and got onto the soft sokt look of the tell of their wine. “I mean, Joey.”

He replied, “I pick this with mind we, I love you to be wearing,” she said. “Is it’s cum with your. We can’t leave what I try this,” she said excitedly and rubbing the couch. “We made that some eye.”

“Can you keep knowing we lit up,” Cassie let back into her waist as she stood up. “And look… you can want… ‘Ross.”

Ross spoke. Her breathing rooming away from the sensations to the both of her legs hooked against her ass.

“Just just done your none,” Monica smiled, sounding him into the brink, Chandler interrupted her.

“You really just knew you were so good and gone.”

She pulled it watching Monica as he pulled her eppracing black dark cock.

“You were wrong?”

He spread her head around him, dark staring and broke their paused peaceful that he filled leav-right, and let out a smile, sweating as she stared at her.

“Think about stroke.”

After like his cock.

Ross continued to hear it slowly pressed her head into the cup.

“Just… do you want me to do it.”

Rachel nodded, “So you want to do it.”

With her lips moved her a bit none to the stairs before.

Something anything that will lick more than quickly with more.

Chandler groaned like a smile. “Look at that,” Ross said heiving his genitals, and rubbed back onto his inner thighs.

“Yeah, come on, Cassie. Fuck me, Rach.”

She felt his lingering coating a hopping with the twisted her balls, slick her teeth panting, she looked over at her exotimately, but neither of them thought being pressure.

“So, you want me to do what?”

Phoebe began pulling, her hand slowly purred. She grabbed her clit, his dick clamped around her tantal sensation to her check.

“Well a breast, come down.”

They opened her head against him. “Oh sorry, I sat on, Joshua?”

“Uwh, mmm… so…” She pulled off the bed.

  • Epoch: 22.99
  • Loss: 1.0043
  • RNN Size: 300
  • Dropout: 0.4
  • Layers: 3
  • Temperature: 1.0

Readability Stats

  • Words: ~1350
  • Sentences: ~164
  • Gunning-Fog Index: 5.4260162601626
  • Flesch-Kincaid Index: 3.3799214092141
  • Flesch: 85.491817073171

The Gunning-Fog and Flesch-Kincaid indicies attempt to measure the number of years of education a reader would have to complete in order to be able to understand the content (The displayed value is roughly equivalent to US grade level, spanning into collegiate levels). Flesch is a 0 to 100 scale where 100 is the most "readable."